Sending Love Box supports International China Concern (ICC), founded by David Gotts in 1993 to help create full lives for China’s abandoned and disabled children, and young adults. Whenever we are able to, we will include an item in our boxes that has been produced by a team of disabled young adults from an ICC training center in China.

Sending Love Box has partnered with ICC, and sponsors a beautiful child named Zhang Hong Yang. As a sponsor, we do so much more than just meet basic needs. We give her the chance to feel like part of a family. Hong Yang receives special care that she would never receive in a government welfare center, and learns skills that will empower her to live a strong and meaningful life.

Zhang Hong Yang  D.O.B 30th June 2012

Zhang Yong Yang (3)This innocent little girl was abandoned in a small shop when she was just 7 months old. Our prayers and support will truly bring her love, hope, and opportunity.

“You will not only change a child’s life—but your own as well! Partnering with ICC gives you a huge sense of purpose and fulfillment. It will help you understand Chinese culture, and give you a personal connection to a fascinating country”